Welcome to iView Health & Wellbeing

We’re a passionate team dedicated to mental health and wellbeing, developing iView Health to help and support students through their education journey and beyond. iView Health is designed to track health data collected through your iView Watch. As your health data is collected iView Health will generate, what we like to call, a mindful message. Mindful messages are generated depending on the goals and parameters created on iView Health by you and your mentor. Create custom goals and parameters to suit your health needs for the following data:

Steps / Activity


Heart Rate

Blood Pressure

Blood Oxygen

Body Temperature

Our mindful messages are there to help guide you through your health journey. For example…say your goal is to start getting a full 8 hours of sleep every day, but last night you only got 5 hours sleep. You’ll receive a mindful message from your iView Health app letting you know that you may feel lethargic today, along with a few helpful tips on how you can try to get your full 8 hours sleep tonight. You’ll also receive well being tips via your iView Learning dashboard. Here you’ll be able to view your health data and track your progress.