iView Health are a dedicated team, passionate about supporting and promoting positive health outcomes. iView Health has been developed to support individuals achieve optimum Health & Wellbeing through support and goal setting informed by analytics of individuals health monitoring.


iView Health

Through our remote and secure network, our system gathers health and daily habit data through the connection of our iView smartWear technology. This data is then monitored and analysed through the individuals iView analytics dashboard.

iView Health Lite

iView Lite is a SmartWear system to measure your biometric stats throughout the day in an unobtrusive manner.The data is stored in your downloaded app to be analysed at your leisure.The iView Lite SmartWear is a IP67 rated waterproof unit that can measure Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, Temperature, Sleep Patterns and Wellbeing Stats.

The CALM Approach

Our innovative technology follows the iView CALM model (Collecting, Awareness, Learning and Modifying).

Analytics Dashboard

Users or the users individuals healthcare support team can view detailed analytics and graphs that outline the collected data via the dashboard. Parameters can be set for each metric to allow users and support workers to view data over a given time period.

Mindful Messages

Our innovative solution provides messages of support to users and are generated depending upon goals and parameters created by the user.

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