Writing Helper

System Requirements

Writing Helper Windows

  • Claro Software products support the currently-supported platforms on which they run. For example, if Windows 10 is supported by Microsoft then Writing Helper will run on Windows 10. This is the same for macOS, as a general rule Apple supports the latest 3 versions of macOS.

  • DSA Requirements: For supply into the UK DSA the minimum requirements of all Claro Software Windows products are: Dual Core and above (Intel i3) Min 4GB (Recommend 8GB), 64GB HDD (4GB Free Space).

  • Claro Software products are end-user client applications and work on end-user client versions of platforms. Specifically, all the features of Writing Helper work just fine on Windows 10 and 11 (the supported Windows for users at the time of writing) but not on Windows Server (the network server version.)

  • If your machine meets the minimum requirements for your platform then Claro Software products will run on them. For example, Windows 11 requires 4GB of RAM, so if you meet that, then Writing Helper Windows is fine. If you do not have 4GB of RAM then you might be able to get Windows 11 and WritingHelper Windows working but we cannot support you or warrant that it will work properly.

  • Claro Software products support currently-supported applications (Office, Chrome, Edge, Adobe Reader). For example, Writing Helper supports Office 2016 on Windows (Office 2019 on Mac) because Microsoft supports it: Writing Helper for Windows does not support Office XP because it is no longer supported by Microsoft.